In the past decade-plus, the FBI has become an experienced counter terrorism agency. But, has this evolution come at the expense of its traditional domestic law enforcement role? Clearly, the privacy versus public safety dialogue is ongoing and robust, especially in light of the NSA’s data mining program, PRISM and how the FBI might have used the information to promote terrorism investigations.For this assignment, focus on one or all of the following questions:(i) Would the overall homeland security mission be better fulfilled if the FBI returned to its roots and a domestic intelligence agency created?(ii) What should the domestic intelligence architecture look like?(iii) How does the U.S.’ effort compare to that of other countries?Suggested length is 3-5 pagesYour points will be allocated on the following criteria:Use of Memo format:TO: (Your choice)FROM: (You)PURPOSE: (One to two sentence “bottom-line up front” explanation of the what the              memo seeks to achieve.)BACKGROUND: (Relevant historical information regarding the topic)DISCUSSION: (Analysis of topic)RECOMMENDATION: (Summation of purpose and analysis)Offering creative and/or critical opinions;Expressing yourself clearly and concisely;Forming logical arguments and conclusions;Identifying and discussing counter-arguments;Grammar and compliance with APA (6th edition).

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