Response 12 APA  referencesThe article I decided to research that meets my particular interest in my program is medication compliance in the elderly.  In a more in-depth search to see if the correlation between physical activity with medication compliance could potentially improve the mental state of a resident. I went to search the Walden University website. Searching in the library for medication compliance of the elderly.Many topics appeared for further review.  I felt using the Walden library was effective for researching my topic. I was able to locate many articles in the web base.  At Walden library, it gave me the included referenced article “Physical activity and better medication compliance improve mini-mental state examination scores in the elderly” (Guimarães et al., 2015).  It also included in the article the origination of the article in the medical articles from Medline.  Medline gave more detailed information from the article, such as images of the testing. In Guimaraes et al., (2015) researched individuals to see if there was improvement of these individuals that include physical activity, with medication compliance, and the improvement of their mini-mental cognitive test. “The daily routine, medical treatment, and vital were evaluated and correlated with the subjects’ neuropsychiatric status” (Guimarães et al., 2015). It also stated the coincidence of those who participated in physical activity and medication compliance to improve pulse and blood pressure.I did not have much difficulty researching this topic. I also reviewed the topic as it went from Walden University library to Medline and PubMed.  I found that all three of these web searches in the medical area were very helpful.  I have used MedLine and PubMed in previous research papers.  It also, between all three searches, give you other related articles that correlate to the research topic.So, if you want in-depth research, you could find alternative articles.  It gives you information that is very helpful to dig further into research if you wanted to broaden or compare testing in other research scholarly articles.  The integrity of these websites is critical. There is much information in the web world, and as a nurse, and student, we need to analyze and be careful where we get our information and gain evidence-based researchResponse 22 APA referencesThe above article that discusses the relationship between blood clots and COVID-19 was found using the PubMed database. PubMed provides a vast collection of science and biomedical research citations and abstracts with the aim of improving personal and public health (National Institutes of Health [NIH], n.d.-a). PubMed utilizes three primary literature sources Medline, PubMed Central, and Bookshelf (NIH, n.d.-a). The database’s home page consists of a search bar that is free to all users, a display of topics that have increased search activity, and newly released articles from popular journals (NIH, n.d-b).PubMed would be useful for MSN students because it is easy to navigate and offers many filters to narrow search results. Besides searching by publication date and article type, PubMed offers a text availability option. In the past, I have become frustrated when I read an abstract that appears interesting or of particular use, only to find no full-text options available. The text availability option limits the search results to either abstract only, full-text, or free full-text. Fortunately for us students, the Walden library grants us access to many otherwise members-only articles so we can search using both the full-text and free full-text. The free full-text will be beneficial when we are no longer students or for suggesting material to those who do not have similar access.There is one element that PubMed lacks that would be a benefit for their users, the ability to search for peer-reviewed articles. Of the many filters available, peer-reviewed is not listed. The Walden University Academic skills center (n.d.) outlines step-by-step instructions on determining if an article is peer-reviewed using the Ulrich’s Periodicals Directory. This is just one of the many ways that one could verify that a piece is peer-reviewed.In conclusion, I would recommend PubMed to my colleagues. The easy-to-use database provides the means to access millions of medically relevant materials. The ability to narrow a search to full-text articles and display results at no cost is a benefit that some databases lack. Although PubMed does not limit articles to peer-reviewed works, several alternative methods exist to determine article quality, such as the Ulrich’s Periodicals Directory.

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