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Unit 6 IT Consulting Part 2

GEL-6.06: Apply research to create original insights and/or solve real-world problems.PurposeCloud Computing is a model for enabling convenient, on-demand network access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources (e.g., networks, servers, storage, applications, and services) that can be rapidly provisioned and released with minimal management effort or service provider interaction.“In today’s world in which digital is omnipresent, no company, old or new, of any size, can ignore the significant impact of the cloud on its production processes, its structure or even its economic model.” (Roques, 2018)References:Khanna, T., & Palepu, K. (2006, October). Emerging Giants: Building World-Class Companies in Developing Countries. Harvard Business Review. Retrieved 5 9, 2018, from https://hbr.org/2006/10/emerging-giants-building-world-class-companies-in-developing-countries?referral=03759&cm_vc=rr_item_page.bottomLevitt, T. (1983, May). The Globalization of Markets. Harvard Business Review (1983). Retrieved May 2018, from https://hbr.org/1983/05/the-globalization-of-marketsM, A., A, F., Griffith, R., Joseph, A., Katz, R., Kowinski, A., . . . M, Z. (2009). Above the Clouds: A Berkeley View of Cloud Computing. Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences, 25.Poonia, A. (2014). Cyber Crime: Challenges and its Classification. International Journal of Emerging Trends & Technology in Computer Science (IJETTCS).Roque, Philippe. (2018). The cloud coup d’état and its impact on the IT organization. Capgemini. Retrieved May 2018, from https://www.capgemini.com/2018/02/the-cloud-revolution-and-its-impact-on-the-it-organization/Assignment InstructionsAfter doing the unit reading, conduct research on the Internet and/or in the library to learn more about Cloud Computing. Using the Technology Consulting template, write a business proposal to your client.Based on the business scenario below and the research performed, analyze and select one appropriate cloud service (Private, Public, Hybrid, Community) and deployment model, e.g., PaaS, SaaS, IaaS.The client company is:Client No. 1 – A small bookstore would like to expand what it offers to customers.Using the Technology Consulting template, prepare a business proposal to a fictitious client. The proposal must include at a minimum the following:Described an overview of Cloud Computing technologies.Explained the rationale that you used for the cloud service selection.Described at least three advantages cloud technologies can advance the company’s potentials over the current brick-and-mortar store front alone or by having a website.Identified some of the major concerns for using a cloud group of services.Made a convincing argument that a Cloud solution is the best alternative for the client’s business.Assignment RequirementsYour wording must be professional: give facts, explain ramifications, and refrain from emotional writing.Use at least two different sources for this Assignment.At the end of the proposal, include a Conclusion and Recommendations section and make a convincing argument that a Cloud solution is the best alternative for the client’s business.Do not quote or use in-text citation from your sources within the proposal but identify under a separate page the sources you used in your research using proper APA.The length requirement for this Assignment is 350–450 words.PLEASE USE THE ATTACHED TEMPLATE

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