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Individual Project

Project Quality Management

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For this assignment, you will further enhance your overall Quality Management Integration Plan by adding in a section to address quality performance monitoring and control. By identifying which methods you will utilize for the quality monitoring and control, you will be able to know—at any given point in the project—if you are on track with quality performance or not.

  • Add the Quality Performance Monitoring and Control section.
    • Identify the tasks, effort, and resources that should be added or already exist in the project plan to monitor and control quality.
    • Disclose the contingency or primary budget that has been set aside for these tasks.
    • Calculate the cost of quality according to the PMBOK® Guide.
    • Discuss which and how you will use at least 2 of the following quality performance tools and techniques to perform monitoring and control:
      • Cause and effect charts
      • Control charts
      • Benchmarking
      • Flowcharting
      • Histogram
      • Pareto chart
      • Run chart
      • Scatter diagram
      • Statistical sampling
      • Inspection
    • Be sure to include a sample of this tool or technique in use.
  • Name the document “LastName_FirstName_MPM357_IP4.doc.”
  • Note that this is the same document that will be submitted as the Draft Key Assignment.

The attachments are previous assignments and are to be built upon for the new individual project 4 (ip4)

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