Week 7 Discussion

  • Select three (3) out of the five (5) discussion questions presented on pages 302 and 303 of your textbook. Answer your chosen questions, and justify your answers.

can you answer the same three questions below for me. I copied an example from the discussion thread.

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2. A sound promotion policy is important. List the characteristics necessary for an effective promotion policy.

“A well-defined mobility path policy statement is needed for both hierarchical and alternative mobility paths and has the following

1) The intent of hte policy is clearly communicated.
2) The policy is consistent with the philosophy and values of top management.
3) The scope of the policy, such as coverage by geographic region, employee groups, and so forth, is clearly articulated.
4) Employees’ responsibilities and opportunities for development are clearly defined.
5) Supervisors’ responsibilities for employee development are clearly stated.
6) Procedures are clearly described, such as how employees will be notified of openings, deadlines, and data to be supplied; how
requirements and qualifications will be communicated; how the selection process will work; and how job offers will be made.
7) Rules regarding compensation and advancement are included.
8) Rules regarding benefits and benefit changes as they relate to advancement are included.”

3. Compare and contrast a closed internal recruitment system with an open internal recruitment system.

Closed Internal Recruitment System – In this system, “the only people who are made aware of promotion or transfer opportunities
are those who oversee placement in the HF department, line managers with vacancies, and contacted employees.” However, this system is
very efficient, involves only a few steps, and the time and cost is minimal. However, the downside is that if the files are inaccurate or out of
date, qualified applicants may be overlooked, which would be a downfall for both the employee as well as the company.

Open Internal Recruitment System – In this system, “employees are made aware of job vacancies,” which is usually done by posting jobs
and including a bidding system. It gives employees the opportunity to pit their qualifications against those who may be in line for promotions
and minimizes the chances of supervisors using favoritism in promoting or transferring employees, while possibly uncovering hidden talents
of others.

4. What information should be included in the targeted internal communication message?

This information should include realistic information, such as how the job really is, including the positive and negative aspects of the job.
It should also point out how the job matches the needs of the applicant; and the culture of the work unit or division and how it may differ
from other areas of the organization. Because the applicant is already working for the company, they may have an idea as to what the job
is like; however, the company must not assume that all internal candidates have the accurate information about the job.

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