What do you believe to be the root cause of sexism?

What do you believe to be the root cause of sexism?The purpose of the two Reflection Papers is to extend the critical thinking process associated with two areas of discrimination: race and gender. The papers will provide an opportunity to expand on each area after we have examined the historical aspects of workplace statutes and legal theories associated with each protected classification.What do you believe to be the root cause of sexism?PERFORMANCE STANDARDS:Each Reflection Paper will be no longer than one page in length12-point Font; New Times Roman; Double Spaced; 1” MarginsAPA Format with regard to citations; Reference page also providedStructure and OrganizationSetting forth the formal definition of the relevant statute and/or theories of the lawDevelopment of Main PointsQuality of Writing and Adequacy of AnalysisGrammar, Punctuation, Spelling, and Citations (APA)

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