What is Trade Balance, economics homework help

1.Please post a well-thought-out question about subject matter relating to this week’s topics and current events to the discussion board by about the 2 power points below.

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1)  What is Trade Balance?

2)  What is Export?

3)  What is Import?

4)  What is Free Trade?

5)  What is Absolute Advantage?

6)  What is Comparative Advantage?

7)  What are the causes of Absolute Advantage?

8)  What is Protectionist Policies?

9)  What is Tariff?

10)  What is Quota?

11)  What are some arguments for Protectionist Policies?

12)  What are some arguments for Free Trade?

13)  What is an Exchange Rate?

14)  How exchange rates are determined?

15)  What are fixed exchange rate and floating exchange rate?

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