Your assignment is to open the data file “vote.arff” and generate the top 10 rules.

This assignment will require you to use Weka to mine association rules.  We will do this using the apriori algorithm.  Your assignment is to open the data file “vote.arff” and generate the top 10 rules.Here is a step by step guide to load this file and run generate the rules.Save the “vote.arff” to someplace on your computer that you can quickly find it. This could be a folder in documents or on your desktop.Open Weka and go to the Explorer.Click “Open File” select the vote.arff from wherever you saved it.Click the associate tab. You’ll notice that the default algorithm used is apriori.  You can click on the values and change them if need be based on the project you are working on.  For our purposes today, you can leave the default values where they are.Click OKClick StartYour report will include a combination of screenshots and written work. In your report, please include:A screenshot of Weka Explore when the file “vote.arff” is successfully loaded;A screenshot of Weka Explore when the classification is complete;After generating the top 10 mining rules using the Apriori algorithm, explain each of the top 10 rules.Your answer to the following question: What does the confidence of each rule represent? (100 words)Your submission will be run througha plagiarism detection softwarefor similarity check. Please make sure that the paper you submit is your own. Direct copying from any source is potentially considered as plagiarism. Please follow the APA.For more information about APA, please refer to plagiarism will be reported to the University.

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