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Death and Dying in the 21st Century

Choose Two

View at least two of the following videos around death and dying, euthanasia, and/or physician-assisted suicide. Alternatively, select videos/documentaries of your choice that are related to the topic.


Thoughtfully reflect on the issues discussed in the talks that you have watched. If you have chosen an alternative video to those on the list, please thoroughly identify the video.

In your essay, please address the following questions: 

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  • What are the basic issues and main themes addressed in the videos?
  • Were the issues addressed from a biased or unbiased perspective? Were the presenters operating with an underlying agenda?
  • Was there agreement or disagreement among presenters regarding the main issues addressed?
  • What were the major moral/ethical issues related to these topics?

Your document should be between 300-500 words in length. Any references to support your work must be cited in the most current APA format.

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