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Defining Networks

Arguably, this topic of computer networking is one of the more technical topics that we address in this course. If any of the chapters are worthy of reading twice, this might be the one. Another suggestion is to identify topics that you aren’t quite sure of or those that you want additional information about. One approach to address these topics is to take notes while reading (perhaps use OneNote?) and, after completion, then research the topic(s) identified. Try to frame the area of interest as a question. Doing so will help you to better define what you are interested in learning and set the stage for the research to commence. 

This discussion post is divided into two parts. Post both parts together, separated by a space.

Part 1: What are the benefits of a computer network? Try to answer this using a succinct statement using one to two sentences. Tip: type out your answer using Word before accessing the discussion.

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Part 2: To give us a change of pace, you are tasked with asking a question. Write a question about networking and then research and share your answer using your words. Include the link(s) to your references. Note: Be sure to write about networking topics such as hardware, topology, protocols, etc. This is not to be about the internet or security, as we cover those topics in later chapters.

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