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DiscussionRise and Fall of Lighter-Than-Air Aviation

here was a rise and fall of lighter-than-air aviation, and during this era, there was great promise for the success of this mode of transportation. Today, this type of aviation has virtually disappeared; except for the occasional use at sports or special events.

Research the Internet for information about lighter-than-air aviation. In your initial post, address this question: Why do you think there was a rise and eventual fall of this particular mode of transportation?

Be sure to use an in-text citation at the end of each sentence for any source you cite. Include all source information for your article, outside source(s), and the textbook in a reference area following your work. For correct formatting of citations and references, please refer to the current APA manual or the APA Style website.

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The ideal original, primary posting should be approximately 150 words.

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