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For this case study response, you need to analyze and study the subject presented below and compose an essay response answering the questions posed. Your writing should concentrate on the development of specific events, issues, or conditions of the subject and their relationships. For this activity, you are being asked to write a complete essay, not just an outline as was done in Module 3.

The topic addresses how products are manufactured as well as the disposal of our technology devices and gadgets. How companies address these issues may impact your purchasing decisions. To begin, view the following video.

How E-waste is Recycled (ERAU – 6:35)

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Next, read the following:

Please proceed to the Guidelines section. 


Formatting and content:

  • Save this APA Example Template (DOCX)
  • Download APA Example Template (DOCX) to your computer and use it for your essay.
  • The length of the response should be 4-5 paragraphs (about 400 words or up to 1.5 pages maximum). Do not write more than 1.5 pages of text.
  • Use 1″ margins.
  • Use Times New Roman, 12 pt. font.
  • Double line space.
  • Indent the first line of each new paragraph by .5″.
  • One space follows the closing punctuation of each sentence.

Cite a minimum of two references in the body of the essay using the APA Style:

  • When we refer to ideas or use quotes from the sources, it is necessary to cite the source. Basically, this involves providing the author’s last name and date at the end of the sentence. See APA formatting (ERAU).
  • Links to an external site.
  • Not sure if you need to cite a source? Refer to the Plagiarism Infographic in Module 3. 
  • Longer quotes need to be avoided in this short 1.5-page paper. Use your words to make your points.
  • Strongly recommended: Before turning in your essay, double-check your paper for originality and citation infringement. Your file submission will be screened for originality and plagiarism.

Listing references:

  • When you cite a reference, it must be listed on your references page, which is a new page added after the last page of the essay. Also, all listed references need to have at least one in-text citation in the body of the paper.
  • Follow current APA formatting (ERAU).

Links to an external site.




Please proceed to the Case Study Questions

Case Study Questions

  1. Define the e-waste problem.
  2. What is happening and why is this an issue?
  3. What can manufacturers do to improve the situation (raw materials, by-products, hazardous materials, health, recycling, refuse, etc.)?


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