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Ethics and the Workplace

For this assignment, you will select one of the four following case studies listed. 

LinkedIn’s Approach to Diversity and Equality in Brazil (Hunt Library/Sage Business Cases)

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Analyzing Johnson & Johnson’s Bankruptcy Claim: Good Strategy or Bad Ethics? (Hunt Library/Sage Business Cases)

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The Commercial Space Race: Who’s Flying Highest? (Hunt Library/Sage Business Cases)

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United States Sues Uber for “Wait Time” Discrimination (Hunt Library/Sage Business Cases)

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  Note: You are not required to complete the questions listed at the end of the case study document. 

Once you have completed your Case Study Analysis, take the time to read it through. Reading aloud may help you identify any grammatical errors. You may find it helpful to ask yourself:

  • Does your analysis include your knowledge base? This includes experience-based knowledge as well as knowledge from the textbook reading and presentation.
  • Does your analysis include at least three references?
  • Is the paper in the current APA style?
  • After reading the analysis, does it align with the Case Study Analysis Guidelines?

Please refer to the Writing Style Guide page for information on writing assignments.

Your paper should be written using the following formatting guidelines: 


These are your HEADINGS!!!!!!

  • Introduction
    • State the problem or issue.
    • Summarize and introduce the situation.
  • Background
    • Identify the
      • environment,
      • the culture, and
      • any socio/political/economic factors.
    • Use outside research to establish an understanding of the organization.
  •  Alternatives (at least two) (The most important section)
    • Explain the possible options and include:
      • Pros of each alternative.
      • Cons of each alternative.
    • Explain why these alternatives are possible or not possible and answer the following:
      • What are the obstacles to the alternative?
      • Are there outside (external) forces at play?
  • Proposed Solution (choose one from the alternatives you proposed)
    • Decide on one solution.
    • Provide support for your solution.
    • Explain your reasoning by answering the following:
      • Did you do outside research?
      • Can you back up your solution with real-world examples?
  • Recommendations
    • How will your solution be implemented?
    • Is there an action plan for your solution?
    • Who will be tasked with these steps?
  • Use the APA style. The Writing Style Guide contains information on using the APA style.

Finalizing Your Deliverable

Once you have completed the Case Study Analysis draft, take the time to read through and check for grammar, gaps, and inconsistencies. Did you state the problem or issue? Did you support your conclusion? Can the reader understand your writing and follow your argument?

The following are style, length, and expectation guidelines:

  • APA style is to be used.
  • Citations are required.
  • The analysis should be three (3) pages minimum and five pages maximum, not including the title page and reference list with THREE references.

Note: Answers to Case Study Analysis Write-ups are not black and white. Cases are designed to allow for creative, active, and proactive thinking and strategizing. No two papers will be alike, but what papers are expected to include can be found in the rubric attached to each Case Study Analysis activity. Before submission, please take a moment to “grade” yourself using the rubric provided.

In-text references are mandatory.

Late Assignments will be penalized 10% per day, with no credit after 3 days. The assignment will be closed after three days after the due date.

No more than 10% of direct quotes are allowed. No more than 30% of similarity in Turnitin is allowed. 

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