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General Aviation Threat Assessment With Countermeasures

Imagine that you are the pilot in this hypothetical scenario, and you are responsible for ensuring an international dignitary departs and arrives safely from and to both airports of your choice. You may refer to your notes, textbook, course discussion forums, and other resources (which you must reference appropriately) to complete this assignment. You will submit a 3–4 page threat assessment, in no particular format, which should include two maps (one map per page, departure airport and arrival airport maps).

Helpful Links:

The link below provides an example of a threat assessment, along with countermeasures to give you a starting point if you do not have one. However, feel free to take any approach you prefer; there is no standard format for a threat assessment.

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Refer to Figure 2 on page 9 of this document for a clear understanding of general aviation airport categories. You can also find detailed information on general aviation airports and their categories in Appendix B. 

Important: Your two airport selections must align with one of the choices below. At the beginning of your threat assessment, clearly state which option from 1–3 below you are using. Do not use two airports in the same category. 

  1. National General Aviation Airport to a Basic General Aviation Airport
  2. Regional General Aviation Airport to a Basic General Aviation Airport
  3. Local General Aviation Airport to a Basic General Aviation Airport


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