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I Am a Pioneer

This assignment provides an opportunity for you use your imagination and the historical facts discussed in Module 1 and Module 2 readings. Imagine yourself as an early aviation pioneer, it can be in any aspect of aviation you chose (Examples: an engineer, pilot, business owner, mechanic, etc.). You can be anyone you wish to portray.

Develop a written post of at least 400 to 450 words that explains your interests as this pioneer, how you developed your invention and/or ideas, and how you may have learned from contemporary competitors (provide specific details). You may utilize any lens: historic, scientific, technological, engineering, and math.

Use (and cite in current APA format) at least one primary source

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Links to an external site. in your analysis. A primary source is a first-person account such as a diary, a letter, or an autobiography.



Robert Esnault-Pelterie: Flew a manned glider with ailerons.
October 23, 1906 | Alberto Santos-Dumont Flew an Airplane in Sustained, 
Powered, Manned, and Controlled Flight: First official flight of the 14-Bis by Alberto 
Santos-Dumont, Bagatelle, France. Alberto Santos-Dumont won the Aechdecon 
July 11, 1907: Louis Bleriot flew an Airplane with Tandem Cantilever Wings and Wingtip 
November 13, 1907: Paul Cornu made the first well-documented free flight of a 
January 13, 1907: Henri Farman flew the first official circular flight in Europe.
August 1, 1911 | First Female to Receive Pilot’s License in U.S.A.: Harriet Quimbly 
became first woman in the U.S.A. to earn her pilot’s license.
March 29, 1908 | Henri Farman Took the First Passenger in Europe for an Airplane 
Ride: Farman took a fellow aviator Leon Delagrange as a passenger in his plane.
July 25, 1909 | First Successful Flight Across the English Channel: Louis Charles 
Joseph Bleriot successfully flew across the English Channel.
August 1909: Glenn Curtiss Won the First Gordon Bennett Speed Race.
March 28, 1910: French pilot Henri Fabre made the first known takeoff and landing on 
November 14, 1910: Eugene Ely made the takeoff forma platform on the deck of a ship. 
February 24, 1911: Glenn Curtiss made the first water takeoff and water landing in 
May 9, 1912: C.R. Samson made the first British flight from a ship underway.




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September 1, 1913 | First Controlled Inverted Flight: Adolphe Pegoud flew the first 
sustained inverted flight under the control of the pilot.
November 30, 1913 | The Firsts Aerial Dogfight: During the Mexican Revolution, 
American pilots Dean Ivan Lamb and Phil Rader, engaged in the first plane on plane 
combat. Neither pilot wanted to injure the other, so they intentionally missed until they 
ran out of ammunition.
January 1, 1914: Pilot Anthony Jannus flew the first scheduled airline flight in an 

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