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Productivity Software

For this written activity, explore one of the software applications below that you have not used before, and envision how it would work for you in your school, work, home, and/or social digital environment. Install the tool, if needed, and spend at least 20 minutes learning about it and creating content.

Links to an external site.

 – This web and mobile application is designed to help people and teams track their work. Sign up for a free account and reflect on how this can help you be more organized. Be sure to review the 

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How to Start Using Asana (Asana)

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 – This is a go-to notebook. According to Microsoft, “You can use OneNote at home, at school, and at work for recipe collections, class notes, projects, and more. You can take notes anywhere on the page. Add text, to-dos, pictures, files, and audio recordings.” Navigate to the following to the 

LinkedIn Learning webpage (LinkedIn Learning)

  • Links to an external site. and view the videos titled: 
    • OneNote Features (7:54)
    • Capture Information in OneNote (4:36)
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Links to an external site. – This online meeting tool allows you to chat, meet, call, and collaborate with others. You can schedule video conferences, share your screen with others, share files, and use it to streamline workflows.
  • Snagit

Links to an external site.

  (15-day trial) or 

Greenshot Links to an external site.

 (free) – Tools for capturing all or part of a computer screen, graphic, or print. Use it for PowerPoint presentations and other projects that need enhancement. You can create screen captures, add arrows, text, highlighting, customize edges and so much more.


Create and submit the following two deliverables in the same document.

  1. In a document, create a table, and within, summarize the features you explored. The table will have two columns. The first column will contain the features explored. List each feature name on a new row. The second column will be your explanation and experience using the feature of the selected application. This should contain sentences that detail your experience with the selected application. Explore and detail no fewer than three key features.
    • Formatting requirements: Use 1″ margins, include your title at the top with center alignment, apply a bold font to the table column headings.
    • View the following resource on how to insert a table (Microsoft).

Links to an external site.

 For additional formatting help, refer to 

Word Help and Learning (Microsoft).

Feature My Experience
Feature 1 name Use sentences here to describe your experience.
Feature 2 name Use sentences here to describe your experience.
Feature 3 name Use sentences here to describe your experience.
  1. Include three (3) screen captures in the document to show examples and progression of what you have created or done with the software. Each screen capture should show your use of a different feature or aspect of the software. 

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 for Mac: 

Cmd+Shift+5 (Apple).

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