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Visual Art Analysis

For our Module 4 Discussion, we analyzed the visual art of countries around the world for a deeper understanding of the relationship between art and culture.

For our Module 4 Assignment, we will choose one piece of art from our home country. Consider the region where you grew up or, if you traveled frequently, the region where you spent a large portion of your childhood. First, describe that place in approximately 100 words, identifying the region by city, state, and country as applicable.

Next, research and choose one work of visual art that defines that part of the world. Include the image of your chosen work of art in your document along with a caption that includes the name of the piece of art, when it was created, and who created it.

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Finally, describe in 250 words why this particular art piece appeals to your cultural and personal tastes. Why did you select this particular art piece among all other options? How does this work of art connect to and represent the region where you grew up?

You will submit your assignment of approximately 350-400 words with your selected image embedded in the document itself.

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