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You Made Me Do It

  • State v. Davies (FindLaw)Links to an external site.
  • Write a legal brief on the case above. The first section will be titled “Facts.” Write a short paragraph or two summarizing the facts of the case. Make sure that anyone reading your summary would understand the crux of what happened in the case. Next, identify the issue the Court was deciding; place the issue (phrased as a question), in a section labeled “Issue.” Next, set forth the Court’s ruling with the label of “Ruling.”

The ruling answers the question(s) set out in the issue section. In the next section, “Analysis,” write a short paragraph or two summarizing the court’s decision. This should set forth the reasons for the court’s decision and the law relied upon to reach its conclusion. Finally, in the “Conclusion,” set out what actually happened, i.e., what happened to the parties in this case. After the conclusion of your brief, write a discussion paragraph that focuses on whether you believe Davies was entrapped. Did the undercover officer induce Davies to commit the crime? Does the nature of online interactions require changes in the entrapment doctrine?

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