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file:///F:/CHE%20350%20Child%20Obesity%20Case%20Study.pdfA. Organization and Need:Describe the organization (State Health Department) and the community health need it plans to address, citing relevant information from the case study. In your response, consider questions such as these: What is the mission of the organization? Why is this need significant in the community? Are there any service gaps or barriers related to the need?B. Program:Describe the program or plan of the case study, including its goals and objectives, which the organization plans to implement to address the need, citing relevant information from the case study.C. Population of Focus:Describe the population of focus—including subpopulation disparities, if they exist—and cite relevant case information. In other words, who is the population the organization wants to target? What racial, cultural, ethnic, or other demographic background does the population have?   An brief explanation of how the eight domains of the Core Competencies For Public Health Professionals relate to the identified health need or problem.Submission: 1 1/2 – 2 pages, APA format

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