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2 math question

1)Shakespear’s Pizza sells 1200 large Vegi Pizzas per week for $14 a pizza. When the owner offers a $5 discount, the weekly sales increase to 1700(a)Assume a linear relation between the weekly sales A(x) and the discount x. Find A(x). (b)Find the value of x that maximizes the weekly revenue.(c)Answer parts (a) and (b) if the price of one pizza is $7 and all other data are unchanged.Q: 1. A(x)=( )2. x = $( )3. A(x) = ( ), x=$( )2)Some years ago it was estimated that the demand for steel approximately satisfied the equation p=87-10x , and the total cost of producing x units of steel was C(x)=111+47x.(The quantity x was measured in millions of tons and the price and total cost were measured in millions of dollars.) Determine the level of production and the corresponding price that maximize the profits.Q: 1.The maximum profit occurs at x=( ) Million tons2. The corresponding price is ( )dollars per ton

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