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4 Paragraph Minimum Statistics 3001

Think about your degree major and your areas of interests, and then concentrate on two of the following “Focus on” disciplines: Agriculture, Criminology, Economics, Education, Environment, Health & Education, History, Law, Literature, Politics, Psychology, Public Health, Social Science, Sociology, or The Stock MarketReview the readings from this week’s Learning Resources, as well as the complete list of the “Focus on” topics to choose fromChoose two of the studies to compare for this DiscussionFor each study, consider the sample population used, errors that could occur in the research process, and how meaningful and important the results of the study areWith these thoughts in mind:Post by Day 3 a 2- to 3-paragraph response that includes the following information:Identify two “Focus on…” sections you have chosen to review and provide a brief summary of the content.For each topic, discuss whether you think the sample is representative of the population being studied. What criteria did you use to decide this?Was the sample chosen in a way that is likely to introduce bias? What kinds of errors are likely to be associated with each study? Explain.Based on what you read, do you believe that the results of each study are meaningful and important? Explain.Based on the responses above, which do you think is the stronger study? Why?

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