After watched Star Trek “Darmok” write an essay (1-2 pages)

Do not use any reference! Must be complete in your explanation and use your own words to write essay! (times roman, 12 font) Discuss the three requirements of communication as presented in your lecture and illustrated by the Star Trek Next Generation episode “Darmok”. How does this episode illustrate the three requirements and the key concepts and elements of signification in order to establish meaning? Be specific and connect the episode to key concepts, terms and relationships identified in your notes.

This work will be evaluated on structure (beginning, middle and end), logical progression, completeness and clarity of thought. This is your opportunity to show me what you know, and in the process, better help you to understand the material presented. There are website about Star Trek!.… I can not find the whole episode for this episode, but there are some parts of Star Trek on Youtube page..

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