Analyze marketing case Study

Please read case 2 starts from page 332 to 337 (The book is attatached)

I have attached an example…..Just follow it

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And this is a brief explanation of the case and what should contain….

Analyze the case

  • Problem Statement
  • Situation Analysis – 5C’s
  • Alternatives
  • Recommendation
  • Implementation

The situation analysis is like that:

  • Company:
    • Competitive advantage
    • Product/market position
    • Firm strategy & culture
    • Sales process
    • Sales structure, skills, compensation
    • Implementation & evaluation
  • Customers:
    • Buying process/cycle
    • Benefits sought/needed
  • Competitors:
    • Same as company
  • Collaborators:
    • Competitive advantage
    • Complementary benefit proposition
  • Context:
    • Culture
    • Legal/political
    • Technology
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