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Annotated Bibliography

Need following threenAPA details in the annotated bibliographic format:Lee, & Hurst, E. G. (1988). Multiple-Criteria Decision Making Including Qualitative Fac. Decision Sciences, 19(2), 334–.Midha, S. (2020). Cloud computing and internet of things: Towards smart world for real-time applications. Towards Smart World, 197–214. https://doi.org/10.1201/9781003056751-11Nuara, L. T. (2019). Internet of things 2019: Everything is connected. Practising Law Institute.Author(s)TitleYearJournalSummaryWhat was the problem they were trying to address?How did they address the problem?What theories, if any, were used?What were their findings?What future research wasdiscussed?Full APA formatted citation.

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