THIS IS A GRADUATE NURSE PRATRITIONER PROGRAM.  REPORT MUST BE OF GRADUATE LEVEL AND STANDARD WITH APPROPRIATE REFERENCE WITHIN 5 YEARS AND 7TH EDITION APA STYLE . MINIMUM OF 350 WORDS WITH AT LEAST 2 PEER REVIEW REFERENCE.Please answerer all part of the question with sub headingsYou are an AGACNP practicing as a hospitalist in a tertiary care center. You are tasked with admitting a patient with a chief complaint of an acute neurological disease state.  Outline a typical presentation for the disease state you have chosen. List appropriate diagnostic testing, admission orders, and referrals and consultations. Include appropriate screening tools, identify potential risks, and list appropriate interventions to minimize risk and provide preventative care. Highlight differences in presentation of adult versus geriatric patients with neurological emergencies.Multiple Sclerosis

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