APA writing assignment

for psychology class. the assignment will be a minimum of six pages in APA format.Page 1 – Cover pagePage 2 – abstract  (150-250 word summary of YOUR paper)Pages 3-5.. contains – Introduction (150-200 words), Review (500-word minimum), Critique (500-word minimum)Last page – Referencesabstract section in this paper will be a summary of what YOU write in the remainder of the paper. It is NOT a summary of the article or the overall subject. It helps the reader know what you have written in YOUR paper.There are four important aspects to this assignment.Clarity, Accuracy, APA Requirements and Reference.Cite the research/author (in-text citations) correctly and record the reference in accordance with APA formatting style.Write the Introduction section which is a summary of the article and include a problem statement.Correctly format the overall paper according to the APA 6th edition standards.Please review the rubric before beginning the assignment.

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