Assignment 1 Healthcare Administration Capstone

Here’s a link to your week 1 assignment 1 details:Selection of ProblemYour week 1 assignment rubric is included in the assignment details page, or you may also click on the “See Rubric” button at the top of your dropbox page to view how the instructor will grade your assignment. Assignment dropboxes are available by clicking on the module link above.After you have completed your assignment, title your file(s) with: CourseID_LastNameW1Assignment1 (ex. EN101_SmithW1Assignment1), attach them to this dropbox, and press Submit.Healthcare Administration Capstone – Week #1 Assignment 1Selection of ProblemFrom healthcare finance to information systems, you have accumulated a vast amount of knowledge. In this capstone course, you will not only compile your final ePortfolio for submission, you will also put all of your knowledge to use in the development of a final project.Throughout your academic journey, you have been exposed to quite a few issues and concerns related to the healthcare environment. More than likely, there was at least one problem that stood out to you in terms of scope, severity, or perhaps you may have personally experienced this particular issue.Regardless of reason, in this course, you will thoroughly examine this problem, its past and present impact, as well as its potential for continual concern (Chapter 1). You will then analyze the research related to this issue; what is currently known and what is its framework within the field of healthcare (Chapter 2). After your research on the topic is complete, you will then develop an action plan for the problem paying close attention to the resources needed and the complexity of implementation (Chapter 3).Lastly, once your plan is completed, you will then evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your plan (Chapter 4). Without making revisions at this juncture, this step is merely a review of potential barriers to your plan either from a social or political perspective. You will also include a complete list of references used in your project, compiled in adherence with APA standards for citation (Chapter 5).For a complete overview of the Capstone Project, please review theCapstone Project Outline.Capstone Project Outline/ContentsI. Cover/Title PageII. Table of ContentsIII. Abstract – written lasta. 150 to 250 wordsb. Concise and non-evaluativec. Not an introductionIV. Chapter 1 – Problem Statement (5 to 7 pages)a. Introductionb. What is the specific problem within the healthcare environment that needs to beaddressed?c. History of problemi. When did it first appear?ii. Who does it affect?1. Demographicsiii. What has been done historically if anything?d. Current scopei. Significance of problemii. What is currently being done?iii. What role does management currently play within the context of theissue?iv. Responsibility of problem1. Who owns it?2. Why does it remain unaddressed or persist?v. Is it related to cost, access, or quality – combination or all?e. Definition of termsf. ConclusionV. Chapter 2 – Literature Review (5 to 7 pages)a. Introductionb. What has been published?c. Theoretical framework within which the problem existsd. Literature review full circlee. Conclusion(Not just a regurgitation of what has been published – rather this is an analysis of whatis known and not known about the problem)VI. Chapter 3 – Strategic Plan (5 to 7 pages)a. Introductionb. What should management do?i. Implementation1. Costs – direct and indirecta. Who will pay?b. Sustainability?2. Labor neededa. Special training required?3. Technology neededa. Current systems in place?4. Communicationa. Gaining employee buy-inb. Formal versus informalii. Short term versus long-term planningc. Who will benefit?i. Organization?1. Leadership?2. Employees?ii. Patients?iii. Providersd. What will the healthcare environment look like once problem is solved?e. ConclusionVII. Chapter 4 – Recommendations for Future Study/Limitations (2 to 3 pages)a. Introductionb. Possible barriers for implementationi. Social barriers – if anyii. Political barriers – if anyc. Limitations of plani. Scopeii. Costd. ConclusionVIII. Chapter 5 – Referencesa. Introductionb. 80% newer than 5 yearsc. Germinal research presentd. At least 20 referencese. All references cited in bodyf. No active hyperlinksg. ConclusionIX. Appendices – if any (Tables, charts, etc.)This week’s assignment is to choose the issue or concern you are going to address in your Capstone Project. Write approximately one paragraph describing the problem and why you are choosing it for your project. Submit your typed paragraph to the dropbox for review and feedback by your Instructor.

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