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InstructionsWrite your healthcare career research paper and submit it to a Smarthinking tutor. Watch this video for instructions on how to upload your paper to Smarthinking. ????Screencastify*The turnaround time for feedback is 24-48 hours.After receiving feedback from your Smarthinking tutor, click on the dropbox link above, then click “Write Submission” and do the following:In one paragraph, summarize the feedback you received from your writing tutor about your health care career research paper assignment. Include the name of your tutor. Do not copy and paste the tutor’s feedback.In a second paragraph, explain two or more specific strategies you will use to integrate the feedback as you prepare to submit the final draft of your research paper.Describe the part(s) of the instructions and research paper rubric that were challenging for you.Describe two or more tools or resources that you will use to address the challenge(s) in your writing.Explain how you are going to integrate these tools or resources in your final draft.Use proper spelling, grammar, sentence structure, and punctuation.

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