Assignment Three

All the students need to answer the FOUR questions.

Question 1 (25 Points):

Apple Inc. is an American multinational technology corporation headquartered in California, that develops and sells software applications, electronics, and online services. Visit the website: to find more information about it and answer the following questions:

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(a) Do you think information on the website is well organized? Why or why not? You need to support your answer with evidence/screenshot(s).

(b) If you were told that the website was to be rebuilt by a professional team, what change would you like to see the most?

(c) What functions do you want to see on the website but not there yet?

Question 2 (20 points)

Based on the current[1] website ( and what you learned from lesson 7 and 8, develop a high-level blueprint for this website. Use any application/online tool to implement your design. Use colors and different symbology to make the design readable and identify the website content/layers. The design should include a legend to covey the meaning of the blueprint’s symbology/different colors.

Question 3 (20 points)

Create a wireframe for the website home page based on your blueprint and the current website ( The wireframe need to be a medium fidelity wireframe. Use any application/online tool to implement your design.

Question 4 (35 points)

Create a usability test plan for this website. You must to follow the format presented in chapter 11 of Brown’s book which is attached as a pdf file in lesson 9 & 10 (Figure 11.1, 11.4, and 11.5).

————————————– End of Assignment Three ——————————–

Submission: Please name your submission as “AssignThree-<your last name>.doc” without the quotes (please replace <your last name> with your actual last name).

Please upload your submission to the Assignment Three link by the due date as specified in the syllabus.


[1] The blueprint should be designed based on the current state of the website not your proposed design/improvement

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