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basic math in allied health

Please answer questions 1-10 and get it back to me in 2 hours.1.   Rob Polanski is a tractor salesman. Last week his total sales amounted to $38,642.00, and he received $2,704.94 in commission. What is his rate of commission?2.   Your yearly office supply budget is $1,200. You spend $350 each year on paper. What percent of your budget do you spend on paper? (Round off your answer to two places.)3.   0.008 g is equal to _______ mg.4.   A shipping company charged $15 to ship a package and 5% to insure the package. What was the total cost to ship this particular item?5.   If you borrow $1,700 at 7% simple interest, how much interest will you pay?6.   It cost your office $620 to mail 500 flyers. How much did it cost to mail each flyer?7.   A new clerk in your office is to earn $450 per week. If she works 30.5 hours each week, what is her hourly rate? (Round off your answer to the nearest hundredth, that is, to the nearest cent.)8.   Which of the following is an example of an improper fraction?9.   Convert the decimal 0.255 to a percent.10.   A quote you received from a local restaurant is $625 for a business luncheon. The restaurant owner tells you the price with gratuity is $720. How much did the owner add for gratuity?11.   One of your delivery trucks traveled 1,200 miles on 55 gallons of gas. How many miles per gallon did the truck get? (Round off your answer to the nearest hundredth.)12.   Sales for the first four months of the year were as follows:January—$5,282February—$4,698March—$3,029April—$6,390Find the average monthly sales. (Round off your answer to the nearest dollar.)13.   At the beginning of the week, a particular stock sold for 293/8 per share. At the end of the same week it sold for 312/8. What was the amount of increase per share?14.   What is the sum of the following: 3¾ + 1½?15.   Edgar Anderson earns $200 a week plus a 15% commission on all sales over $1,000. If Mr. Anderson’s sales for one week are $2,500, what is his gross pay for that week?16.   You’ve begun to jog for one hour a day three times a week. If you jog 5.5 miles per hour, how far will you jog each week?17.   The kilo- prefix in the metric system means _______ units.18.   Last week you worked the following hours:Monday, 5½Wednesday, 6¾Friday, 4½How many hours did you work in all last week?19.   You purchase a shirt for $8.50. There is a 6% sales tax. Your total cost will be20.   48 pounds are equal to approximately _______ kg.

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