BE BE Video

Read completely the information given below onHOW and WHERE to write your answers to the BE/BE Video Questions.Step 1.)Go to eCampus and in the “My Courses Box” find this course. Click on that course. That will take you to this course website.Step 2.)In the menu on the left side you will find a button which reads “BE/BE Paper.” Click on it.Step 3.)You will see a link entitled “ANSWER VIDEO QUESTONS HERE.” Click on that link.Step 4.)You will see a topic which reads “Assignment Submission.” Just below that you will see a small tab which reads “Write Submission.” Click on that tab.Step 5.)A dialogue box will then appear immediately below. Place all your answers to all the video questions in that box.Step 6.)When you are finished scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on “Submit.”

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