BMGT – Final Paper – Phase 2

Assignment Details:

  • I have attached the requirements for this assignment.
  • I have also attached the last comments received from the professor on the Phase 1 assignment to prevent making the same mistakes.
  • The topic is: Employee Behavioral Standards in the Workplace

Please remember that your final paper is to be a research paper of a topic – not a case study. The general topic, for instance ’employee standards at work’, should be narrowed down to a possible ethical issue that is presented in that area. Let’s say you want to look at the ethical issues that arise when religious freedom and/or personal autonomy conflicts with a corporation’s employee standards. The opposite could also be reviewed: when the religious standards incorporated into a corporation conflict with employee freedoms/autonomy. . . . How ought those conflicts to be resolved? What dilemmas can arise within those conflicting values? What insight do the ethical theories help us achieve as we consider what counts as “good” under those ethical theories?

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Please do not fall back into turning this into a single case study, with a single story line and actual characters. Your final project asks you to look at the topic and consider the possible ethical issues and dilemmas that can arise – not to look at a single example and find the ethical issue/dilemma.

You may use examples, but your examples should illustrate your points – not be the point. You should be writing about the conflict I described above, for example, rather than writing a study about Abercrombie & Fitch and the employee who wanted to wear a hijab to work, for religious reasons.

You should also be going well beyond the single article from which you selected your initial topic. The article merely suggests the topic – the article itself is not meant to be your topic, where you critique the article, for example, or just report on what the article said.

Try to use the reading resources below for your paper especially for references. The professor would like to see that we are using the class driven materials.

Theme One: Knowing Your Own Values and Ethics


Theme Two: Unique Ethical Issues for the Individual


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