Building a Virtual Team

Directions:  As part of your discussion, you are to apply what you have read and discussed in our course in order to justify your position. Use outside sources for any other information you need to complete this assignment.    3-4 references  and at least 2-3 pages double spaced.Building a Virtual TeamLauren has evaluated the challenges and opportunities that could arise as she manages her virtual team.  To mitigate challenges and take advantage of opportunities, she decides to conduct a kick-off meeting next week.  She wants to set the ground rules for how her team will operate and present them at the kick-off meeting.  What topics should Lauren’s agenda include?  Which ground rules should she mandate and which should she negotiate?  How will she build relationships and trust during this initial meeting?You are to:· Create an agenda for Lauren’s kick-off meeting.· Explain why you chose each agenda topic.· Identify the ground rules for the team, and propose which ground rules she should mandate and which ones she should negotiate.· Recommend ways that Lauren could build relationships and trust during this initial meeting.Record your responses in the group discussion forum

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