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Building the Case for SIEM

Unlimited Attempts AllowedDetailsAssignment:For this assignment, you will take on the role of a cybersecurity engineer at a large organization. The company has grown quickly over the last several years, but the size of the security operations team hasn’t grown at the same rate. After a series of security incidents, your manager has decided it’s time to invest in SIEM technology to help security analysts identify events faster and with more consistency.You have been tasked with building the case for acquiring a SIEM platform by creating a presentation you will give to IT leadership. The data you gather here will serve two purposes for the organization: it will sell leadership on why a SIEM is necessary and serve as a guide for the procurement team that will ultimately draft a request for proposal (RFP) to send to vendors.You will need to prepare a PowerPoint presentation with voice-over narration. Your presentation should be between 12-15 slides. Your presentation should cover the following topics:The challenges you’re hoping to solve with a SIEM platformHow a SIEM will solve those problemsThe requirements for the SIEM platform (avoid vendor specifics at this point)Identify possible hurdles and propose possible solutions or ways those hurdles can be avoidedAdditional Requirements & Tips for Success:Be sure to include a cover slide, introduction slide, conclusion slide, and references slide. These will not count towards the required number of slides.Remember your target audience and the goal of your presentation: gain executive buy-in that will be essential to the project’s success.For help with recording the voice-over for the presentation, use thisguideLinks to an external site.provided by Microsoft.You should use independent research within this PowerPoint presentation. One source that may help get you started is theSIEM Buyer’s Guide for 2021Links to an external site.provided by Splunk. While the material is slanted towards Splunk, they still offer a solid overview of many of the topics mentioned above.With your references slide, plan to put citations in APA format. Information on APA formatting can be found through theMaryville University Library citation libguideLinks to an external site.This assignment is due by 11:59 PM on Sunday.View RubricPresentation RubricPresentation RubricCriteriaRatingsPtsContentview longer description10 ptsMeets ExpectationsSpeaker’s topic is appropriate with accurate information. Content is relevant and complete with excellent background and development. Knowledge and expertise of subject demonstrated.6 ptsDoes Not Meet ExpectationsThe presentation may not be appropriate for assignment, with information and development inaccurate and/or incomplete. Content knowledge limited or questionable.1 ptsNearly Meets ExpectationsTopic is appropriate, with accurate, relevant information. Content is generally relevant and complete, although some areas could be developed better. Knowledge of topic is acceptable./ 10 ptsWeightview longer description10 ptsMeets ExpectationsThe presentation is clear, logical, and organized with a definite beginning, middle, and end. Opening gets attention and provides presentation overview. The body contains appropriate support, detail and transitions. The closing provides effective summation.6 ptsNearly Meets ExpectationsThe presentation is clear and logically organized, although a few minor points may be confusing. Although the presentation has an appropriate structure (clear opening with presentation overview, body and conclusion), the overview, support with details, transitions, and/or closing may be weak or, in some instances, lacking.1 ptsDoes Not Meet ExpectationsListener can follow the presentation only with great effort. Some points are not clear. Organization seems haphazard, lacks a clear opening, middle, and end. The opening may fail to get attention, the main points lack sufficient detail, and the closing fails to summarize. Effective transitions are lacking./ 10 ptsDeliveryview longer description10 ptsMeets ExpectationsLanguage is appropriate (correct grammar, diction, pronunciation). Voice is used effectively (appropriate pitch, rate, volume, variation), with no vocalized pauses (ahs, ums, etc.). Visuals, when used, are appropriate, professional, visible, and integrated effectively.6 ptsNearly Meets ExpectationsLanguage is generally appropriate, with an occasional problem or lapse in grammar, diction, or pronunciation, or a few vocalized pauses. Visuals are appropriate and professional, although they may not be integrated well.1 ptsDoes Not Meet ExpectationsLanguage includes numerous problems—grammar, diction, pronunciation, with frequent vocalized pauses. Visuals may have problems in appropriateness, quality, visibility, or integration into the presentation./ 10 ptsOverall Effectivenessview longer description10 ptsMeets ExpectationsPresentation is appropriate for the audience and assignment; it is well-rehearsed and delivered effectively.6 ptsNearly Meets ExpectationsPresentation is generally appropriate and delivered well, although at times uneven.1 ptsDoes Not Meet ExpectationsAspects of the presentation are either too simple or too complex for the audience and topic./ 10 ptsTotal Points: 0Choose a submission type

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