Business Strategy Game Paper

Below is the outline for what is required for this paper. Please read through and address concerns thoroughly. I have completed the majority of the paper, and have attached the draft a page and a half currently. I need it beefed up and in total it needs to be 4 pages in length (excluding exhibits).

– Key points

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– This has been conducted over 4 weeks, multiple years in the game

– We are Company E, a shoe company

-If you have any questions please let me know.

There was a limit on attachements I can add so I will insert them into the body of the question after posting.

_____________ OUTLINE FOR WHAT NEEDS TO GO INTO PAPER______________

The purpose of the BSG paper is to demonstrate what you have learned over the course of the game and to analyze your strengths and weaknesses, thus you will specifically need to address six areas:

1. Executive Summary: How did you perform? What was your strategy?

2. What did you do right?

3. What did you do wrong?

4. What was your competition doing?

5. What did you learn?

6. Conclusion

The winners of the game must explain why you think you won (we are currently in 2nd and should win or come close); what overall strategy did you use to beat your competition and what specific choices went into achieving your strategy? Was there anything you think you might have adjusted to win by a bigger margin? You also must address both the “What was your competition doing” and “What did you learn?” categories. If you can’t convince me you knew what you were doing and why you won, you will not receive full credit for winning the game.

If you did not win, explain what you would have done differently. What overall strategy did you use and why didn’t it work to propel you to the number one spot? Was it a part of your tactical decisions to achieve your end goal that was weak, or did you pick the wrong direction from the beginning? For example, did you try to compete on too many levels or was your focus too narrow?

Whether you win or lose, you should use specific examples of actions you took that led to your lessons learned, as well as specific actions that you would have changed. Numbers and ratios in the form of exhibits can be used to explain your conclusions, but this is not meant to be a numerical analysis.

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