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Calculate contribution margin

This weeks assignment is broken down into three sections – a breakeven calculation, a multiple choice question and an essay. Your essay should be at least two pages in length, 12 point font, double spaced.Please complete question 1-6 below.  Please show all of your work to receive credit.Breakeven Analysis:Brandon’s home health care agency is considering a new product with a fixed cost of $2,000, a charge per unit of $150, and a variable cost of $100.1. Calculate the break-even point in quantity.2. Calculate the contribution margin in dollars.3. Calculate the contribution margin as a percent.4. Calculate the breakeven point in dollars.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~5. The breakeven point occurs where:A.total   variable costs and total revenue intersectB.total   revenue outpaces total avoidable fixed costsC.total   costs and total revenue intersectD.total   fixed costs and total revenue intersectE.total   profit margin and total costs intersect~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~6. Define cost behavior. Identify and explain the five general types of cost behavior.

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