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Calculations and Report Document f

Project OverviewYou will complete a Calculations and Report Document for this project. In part one, you will represent problems as mathematical expressions that you will then solve. In part two, you will explain what your calculations mean and how they inform your thinking about the problems. The ability to solve problems with math will help you with everything from managing your finances to baking new recipes.CompetencyIn this project, you will master the following competency:Use basic quantitative methods of problem solvingScenarioYou work at All-Store, a large general store that sells everything from groceries and office supplies to medicine, toys, and books. Unfortunately, the company’s profits have been down for the last six months because of competition, specifically from other local businesses and online vendors.Jill Oliviera, All-Store’s general manager, has decided to rethink the store’s business strategies. One of her new ideas is to focus the business on just a few departments. This way, All-Store can specialize in those areas rather than continuing to support all of the current offerings.Due to declining sales and the upcoming changes, Jill is worried about the business’s finances. She’s given you access to several company files and asked you to prepare a report. Your report should cover different situations that the business may face in the coming months.DirectionsYour manager is looking for your recommendations for how the store could best respond to: declining sales, reducing staffing, and purchasing the building.To do this, download and fill out the Calculations and Report Document in the “What to Submit” section.As you complete part one of this document, break down each of the three problems individually. When representing problems as expressions, don’t be afraid to try a few equations for each step to see what works. Use information and data from the company files in the “Supporting Materials” section to answer the questions.In part two, give your recommendations to your manager: what do you think the company should do about declining sales, reducing staffing, and purchasing the building? Be sure to support your recommendations with quantitative evidence. Then, explain how you used mathematical expressions to solve these problems.When you have completed both parts of the Calculations and Report Document, you can submit it as your deliverable.What to SubmitEvery project has a deliverable or deliverables, which are the files that must be submitted before your project can be assessed. For this project, you must submit the following:Calculations and Report DocumentDownload and complete the Calculations and Report Document. Make sure that you have answered all of the questions in part one and part two.Supporting MaterialsThe following resources will help support your work on the project:Company FilesAll-Store Profit and Loss StatementReview this statement that details All-Store’s finances over the last six months.All-Store Hours and Staffing NotesReview these notes from your general manager on staffing.All-Store Loan EstimateReview this loan estimate based on the possibility of buying the building.All-Store June Bank Account StatementReview All-Store’s bank account statement from the month of June.Reading and Writing SupportWriting GuideUse the tutorials and resources in the Writing Guide document if you need help with the writing aspects of this project.

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