Case study analysis

.As a Family Nurse Practitioner, you are assigned to analyze a case study on Acute Bronchitis.1. Provide a narrative of the plan of care for Acute Bronchitis. The plan of care should be supported by current evidence (include citations and level of evidence) for each component of the plan. Provide the following:a. Include if additional diagnostic tests are indicated.b. Non-pharmacological and pharmacological therapiesc. Referrals, counseling and education, health care maintenance.d. Follow upe. Short-term and long-term outcomes associated with the plan of care.2. Discuss and provide an evidence-based rationale of appropriate risk assessments/preventative screenings for the patient considering their age, race, gender, family history and/or health status. Discuss important topics for health promotion and counseling.3.Discuss patient/family education pertinent to the care of the patient with Acute Bronchitis, consider health literacy of the patient and rationale for appropriate education.4. Discuss the Family Nurse Practitioner role in managing the patient presenting with the Acute Bronchitis in context of the within the Christian worldview. Consider ethical principled that underpinned patient care and/or used to resolve an ethical dilemma encountered in the care of this patient.5. Provide the level of evaluation and management that this patient with Acute Bronchitis encounter generated. Discuss how the level of management was justified according to the CMS Coding and Billing Guide.Document this assignment in 4-page word document. References should be within last 5 years.

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