Change Management Mistakes Discussion

By way of introduction to the Discussions, you are expected to respond to a question posed by your professor which starts the “conversation/discussion.” This is called your “initial” post. Then, you are to respond to the posts of at least two of your classmates).

The expectation for your initial post is a minimum of 250 words – this will require you to truly think through the “who, what, where, when, why, and how” of the issue. For the response posts, you are expected to make relevant comments to others posts. No minimum word count is expected, but “I agree” is not considered to be relevant.

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Use relevant examples and link these with the readings for the module or additional resources. Bonus points will be given for including reference materials not previously given in the course, i.e., you doing your own literature review

This is the “norm” for posting in the Discussions in your Trident education, so please follow the above rules for the best results during your Trident journey!

Here is the question:

Describe a situation from your professional experience when implementing a large change was not successful.

Explain a little about the issue,

  • What caused the change process to begin with, i.e., was it external pressures, someone who “had a great idea,” or something else, and discuss whether or not those reasons were relevant to this change;
  • Including if/how the change process was mishandled, i.e., was it well executed and why, or if not, what caused it to go off the rails; and
  • What type of change process was it ideally supposed to be?

Use relevant examples and link these with the readings for Module 1 or additional resources.

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