Child Development



Assignment : Critical Journal Reflections & Read Chapter 7 Moving into uncertainty sculpture with 3 to 5 year olds (look at documents below)

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Critical Journal Reflections – these are reflections of specific chapters from the Copple Textbook.

Chapter discussions provide opportunities to engage learners thoughtfully and meaningfully with current writings in the field of learning research and theory. These opportunities can help you consider different perspectives and think systemically when you reflect and make professional decisions. It is important to become critical consumers of the research literature on how students learn, as well as the general literature on teaching and learning. Chapter discussions can help you apply theory and research to your own practice as well as the practice of others. You should address the following questions: (1) Describe in your own words the “key” ideas in the chapter,  (2) Identify one or more significant learning issues. Tell why you selected this/these issue(s),   (3) Choose a set of principles from the readings that best relates to this issue, and (4) Relate the key ideas to incidences you have experienced in your practice. These papers should be about 2 pages in length

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