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Children obesity paper

Investigate current policies or legislation underway for the below topic and develop a scholarly, APA-formatted paper of 4 content pagesusing the following headings:Topic: Obesity in children and adolescentsIntroduction (not used as a heading, but write two paragraphs introducing your topic)Introduce the population or problem (incidence, prevalence, epidemiology, and cost burden)Description of PolicyDescribe of how the policy is intended for a specific population, program, or organizationLegislators Involved in PolicyExplain specific legislators (name and political position) involved in the policy development and disseminationRole of APRN in Policy Support or Lack of SupportIdentify the role of the APRN in assisting with the policy or refuting the policy – this requires the evidence to support opinion, ideas, and/or conceptsPolicy Influence on Clinical Practice or Promotion of Health OutcomesDiscuss how the policy influences clinical practice and is used to promote best outcomesInterdisciplinary TeamsExamine how the policy can be used by the inter-professional team to ensure coordinated and comprehensive care for the specific populationConclusion (summarize findings)

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