Choose your own ethical adventure

Have you ever made a split-second decision, but wondered after the fact, “what if I had chosen a different option?” Part of studying ethics is the ability to assess the short and long-term consequences of a decision and then choose the option that will have the more favorable outcomes. This module’s assignment gives you the opportunity to turn back the hands of time and examine a time when you wish you would have selected a different path.In a 1-2 page paper, summarize a time when you had to make an ethical decision. Explain how your different options would affect the outcome. What were some external factors that impacted your decision? If you would have been given more time to make your decision, how would this change your approach or outcome?APA FormatScoring Rubric:CriteriaPointsCriteria 1: Student provides clear summary of a time when they had to make an ethical decision.8Criteria 2: Explains how the presence of different options would affect the outcome.8Criteria 3: Lists external factors that impacted your decision.8Criteria 4: Discusses how having more time would have impacted their decision.8Criteria 5: Includes correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation.3Total35

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