Closure of military base located in center of your district, management homework help

This week you are going to present a PowerPoint presentation (with audio) to the Regional VP of your organization. You are currently the District Manager. You are specifically concerned with the recent marketplace changes that have occurred in your area. The following items are impacting the overall district you cover:

1. Closure of military base located in center of your district.

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2. Three tech firms have relocated their headquarters to the surrounding area.

3. A new competitor has announced plans to enter the market

Your PowerPoint should address your strategic actions you plan to take. Your presentation should address the immediate actions along with the long term suggestions. The presentation should be a minimum 10 slides of content with a title page slide and a reference page slide. A minimum of 250 words must be included within the Notes section of each slide. You should consider these notes as your presenter notes for the presentation. All slides should be formatted to APA standard.

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