Coaching Model Preparation For this assignment, consider the organization where you currently work or an organization where you may have worked in the past as a point of reference for evaluating the coaching model and team-based performance.

Classify the selected organization’s approach to coaching as it  relates to one of the following: Ad Hoc Coaching, Managing Coaching,  Proactive Coaching, or Strategic Coaching. Judge the extent to which the  identified coaching model has worked to optimize the organization’s  performance management activities.Recommend three practices to improve the selected  organization’s current performance from Table 4.3: Best Practices for  Manager-Coaches in the textbook. Justify each element as it relates to  optimizing performance.Construct five best practices that would maximize team-based  performance in the selected organization. Specify the primary manner in  which each practice aligns with the organization’s overall goals and  vision.Use three external sources to support your responses.

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