communication is critical to advancing your goals, chemistry homework help


and clear communication is critical to advancing your goals, ideas, and

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career. Contrary to popular belief, effective communication is a

learned behavior one can improve at any point in life. Skilled

communicators are highly strategic and organized in their approach. They

keep their desired outcomes in mind, use situation-appropriate

communication styles, understand their audiences, and develop targeted


For this assignment, you will identify a topic that

you would like to elicit buy-in from leadership, colleagues, clients, or

other professional entities. You will then develop a strategic

communication plan to assess and to guide your communication approach.

Lastly, you will utilize your communication plan to draft a persuasive

email that informs and requests attendance to a formal presentation on

your topic. Keep in mind, assignment 1 and 2 are linked. You will

deliver a professional presentation in week 7 based on this assignment

and your strategic communication plan.

Part 1: Identify your

topic If you have a professional persuasive presentation pending, if you

have delivered one you would like to improve, or if you have a

presentation topic you want to deliver please consider using it for the

course assignment. Historically, students have delivered their course

presentations with great success. Below are topic suggestions:

Do you deserve a raise? • Would you be a great fit for the new position

that just opened? • Do you see an amazing growth opportunity that you

would like to investigate and/or lead a team in pursuing? • Does your

project require additional funding or staff? Part 2: Strategic

Communication Plan: 1-3 pages (may be formally written, or in outline,

or chart form) Next, assess your audience and your communication

approach to develop a targeted communication strategy to achieve your

communication objective. Consider the following questions to guide the

development of your strategic communication plan, persuasive email, and

professional presentation: • Define your desired outcome(s). • Assess

your audience. o Who will you be addressing? Who are the “key

influencers”? o What do they know and expect? o What do they feel? o

What will persuade them? (Apply both Munter and Cialdini) o Consider

their possible DiSC styles and the impact of these styles. o What, if

any, opposition do you expect and how will you address it? • Identify an

appropriate communication style to use.

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