Compare and Contrast the Leadership Styles of Two Famous Leaders, writing homework help

Write a five page essay comparing and contrasting the leadership styles of two famous leaders who have very different styles of leading, but who operate in the same public sphere.

The leaders can be from politics (e.g. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump), sport (e.g. Venus Williams and Stephon Curry), the entertainment industry (e.g. Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus), industry (e.g. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs), the church (e.g. Pope Francis I and Pope Benedict XVI), the military (Hitler and Churchill), civil rights (Malcolm X and Dr. Martin Luther King), education (e.g.Sally Mason and J. Bruce Harreld).  You may choose whoever you like.

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It is important to look at the two leaders in the context of their organization or milieu, and if appropriate, the wider public.

As you begin thinking about this assignment you may want to consider some of these questions:

·  How do the two leaders frame their communication to “fit” their organizational culture or cultural milieu?

·  Do they implicitly or explicitly address the difference between being a leader and a manager, if so, how?

·  What level of emotional communication competence does each one exhibit?

·  How do they seek to make the people they hope to influence into relational partners?

·  What elements contribute to them being “good leaders?”

·  Do any elements contribute to them being “bad leaders?”

·  How do they shape expectations and culture?

The ultimate goal of this paper is to demonstrate mastery of the learning objectives as you analyze, and compare and contrast the communicative behavior of two leaders.

The specific objectives are for you to:

·  demonstrate an understanding of elements of leadership and followership in action

·  identify the elements of communication that the leaders exhibit that transact leadership

·  evaluate what the most salient elements of leadership are (pertaining to this unit) represented by the leaders

·  draw on your knowledge base to analyze a series of interactions pertaining to leadership

·  synthesize the required text, additional readings, and media sources to show that you can debrief leadership encounters in a meaningful way using concepts raised in modules 1 and 2

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