compensation package analasis

Full instruction on the attachments bellow.the subject for paper is Compensation Package Analysisthe paper needs to be in APA format and it needs to be 2-3 pages long plus a cover sheet and a reference page (total 4-5 pages)the paper needs 3 references to be properly referenced or cited on the paper make  sure you to copy and paste the website if any)Please look at the attached exel spreadsheet any give analysis based on my job and compensation. you will need to find information of jobs of receptionist/customer service entry level with 1 year of experience and compara the pay compensation and the benefits I receive with my company.I work for the US Coast guard as Front desk receptionist. my job is an entry level position and my rank is E-3 /Seaman in the coast guard i make $55K a year and work 40 hours a week, 5 days a week (mon-fri). i am active duty military at the oaygrade of E-3Answer the following questions How does it compare to the competition? (market survey)What would i like to see added to work harder, smarter and better? (the answer is more money or recognition or awards)What its included that you feel to be superficious ( e.i. taking it away would not decrease your motivation to work harder?research and disscuss in the paper, the package at your organization compared to the total compensation available elsewhere in your industry ( another receptionist/customer service job in another company other than the military) describe the salary comparison process?how easy was to obtain information?what difficulties you encounter?how did you overcome the difficulties?

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