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This paper requires solid research using credible secondary sources citing 5 – 8 credible references sources including IBIS. The annual reports and web pages of the specific competitors should be used for foundational information but present a potential biased perspective of the company. Therefore, they should not be used for support throughout the paper itself. The final paper should be approximately eight to ten pages plus references and exhibits. Paper MUST be in APA format with a Cover page, Table of Contents, Reference page and any applicable appendices. NOTE: Section 5 and Section 6 should represent a robust analysis from your background related to the stats in Sections 1-2-3-4. This is where you really drill into the analysis! (Note: Wikipedia is not considered an academic resource – applies to all papers). and also the competetive analysis on I would like to choose automobile industry for competitive analysis. Automobile industries is one of the ongoing business which needs continual improvement and great after sales services to retain the existing and new customers. Our Industry marketing strategy to face the competition is come up with innovative ways in satisfying customer needs. One such innovative way is our I-cars which runs AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology

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