Concepts and Issues in Public Planning (7 pages paper on a specific project + answer to 4 questions.

Concepts and Issues in Public Planning: Prepare an analysis of a local planning decision (please see the local planning link below) and answer to 4 questions below.

Please see the text book for this class below

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*7 pages in lenght APA 6th Edition style

City of Coconut Creek – MainStreet Project

* Please answer 4 questions below

1-Please provide the four-step process in transportation evaluation and explain each

2-What are the three indicators of “Sprawl”? Please summarize sprawl in your own words

3- The text provides four examples of why dealing with environmental problems can be difficult. Please provide those four examples and describe each.

4- What is CERCLA? Which agency is the “Authority” and what does that agency use CECLA for?

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