Conflict style

Interview someone who knows you well.

  1. Ask them which personal conflict style(s) you use most often (avoidance, accommodation, competition, compromise, or collaboration). Based on those findings:
  2. Discuss the effect the style has on your relationships and conflicts you have.
    1. Did their description of your conflict style match your own perceptions?
    2. Are most of your conflicts functional or dysfunctional? (Include its characteristics from powerpoint).
    3. What variables from Chapter 12 play a part in your conflicts most often? (ie. Gender, culture, family upbringing, self-concept, conflict ritual, four horseman)
  3. Discuss how different behavior (i.e. using a different conflict style or conflict management strategy), might produce more productive results or help you solve conflict better in the future. (Be specific).

Answer every question/inquiry stated by posting directly in to the journal forum ( no file attachments).This assignment is to be typed at minimum of 250 words, 12pt Times New Roman font, using APA format for citations, edited and proofread for grammar.

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